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Month: October 2018

The Wedding Present – Framed Comic Books

I have a number of Wedding or Love themed items in the shop right now. They are just so incredibly popular and huge sellers. It goes to prove that people need perfect gifts which are beautiful. So why not a framed…

10% off in the Etsy shop

If you sign up to the newsletter today you will receive a code for 10% off everything in the Legend of Geek Shop. There are plenty of items in the store with incredible artwork. Perfect a wedding or birthday gifts….

First Look: Batwoman TV Series Costume Released

The first publicity photo for the upcoming Batwoman TV series has been released.

Aquaman #37 (Variant Edition) Framed Comic Book

With NYCC is full swing the latest Aquaman trailer dropped with the promise of what’s to come. Now I am very critical of DC Universe movies. That is because they are mostly BAD. I recently tried to rewatch Suicide Squad…