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A New Home

So things have been busy at Legend of Geek Towers. I have been found some pretty amazing comics books to be framed. A number of them are in the the shop right now.

I have also moved this website to a new host. Already it feels quicker.

The selection of books I have featuring both Batman and Catwoman seem to be really popular. Some have been sold as Wedding presents which is a fantastic idea. I have expanded the Batman/Catwoman love theme with some new comic books so there is something for everyone.

If you take a look in the shop today you will find an impressive range of beautiful comic books covering a large range of tastes. From Zombies to Lovers. From traditional comic book covers to amazing pieces of art.

All comic books have been sealed in a archival quality sleeve which I have chosen for exceptional clarity. This is to ensure that the stay as minty fresh as possible. They are then mounted on black card on a classic white inlay. All these elements are then encapsulated in a beautiful box frame.

Some comics books can be an investment and do rise in value over the years. If you are lucky one of these comics books might do just that.

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