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Batman Who Laughs Signed Framed Comic Books

Only a few days into 2019 and as promised new stuff is popping up on the shop.

To add to my extensive range of Framed Comic Books I proudly present these two gems.

The 1st issue of the Batman Who Laughs series. One regular cover, one Variant BOTH signed by artist Jock.

The scary covers of the books shows a nightmare Batman who appears more Joker. He comes from a world in which Batman broke down and killed the Joker. The clown prince’s final trap to sprung and the Caped Crusader was infected by a neurotoxin. This was designed to remove the moral limits of anyone present at the moment of the Joker’s death. The Batman Who Laughs has all of Batman’s determination and will, and none of his restraint. He burned his world down from the inside and then escaped its destruction to wreak havoc across the multiverse.

Signed Batman who Laughs

Both of these Framed items have been signed by artist Jock, who is known for his work on 2000AD, Wolverine and Batman.

The glossy covered comic books are beautifully presented in a high quality frame. To say these are rare items is an understatement. You could be the owner of something very special linked to a Batman story line which no one will forget.

The Batman Who Laughs is an iconic and scary character. The Dark Knight as a nightmare will prove incredibly popular

I only have one of each book and these will sell quickly.

These signed items are available today for £45 are shipped ready to hang.

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signed batman who laughs flat

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signed batman who laughs black

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