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Batwoman #0 Framed Comic Book

So who does not yet know about the upcoming Batwoman series? We are not far away from the crossover episode with Supergirl, Arrow and the Flash. This episode introduces Batwoman.

Here is my tribute to what looks like to be a really interesting character hitting the mainstream consciousness.

This is issue #0 yep that is right Zero! From the Batwoman comic book series. this special issue acts as a new introduction into the life of Batwoman! It is an awesome cover in red, black and white.

“I suspect that Batwoman is socialite Kate Kane. I intend to prove it beyond a shadow. I need to know if she can be trusted, what her motivations are. I’m going undercover.” – Batman: Mission Log Entry 2756

There are no reprints or just covers here. This is the whole comic book sealed in archival quality sleeve and presented in a beautiful black frame

If the Batwoman series becomes as popular as Supergirl then this comic book may increase in value. This beautiful display piece could also be an investment.

This item is available in the shop for £35 with free and reduced shipping to many locations.

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