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Beautifully framed comic books and trading cards


Wedding Gift Framed Comic Book – Batman #49

Batman and Catwoman are getting married and this is one of THE most popular items in the shop. This is one whole complete Batman #49 Variant Comic Book sealed and mounted in a black box frame. “THE BEST MAN” part…

Superman and Wonder Woman Lovers Framed Comic Book

Superman and Wonder Woman are two of the most iconic figures on Comic Book and Cinema history. Fans from all over the world adore them. Who would have ever expected them to also be lovers? This beautiful comic book shows…

Catwoman #4 Framed Comic Book

Now this is truly a beautiful Catwoman item that will be loved by fans and newcomers alike.

The Wedding Present – Framed Comic Books

I have a number of Wedding or Love themed items in the shop right now. They are just so incredibly popular and huge sellers. It goes to prove that people need perfect gifts which are beautiful. So why not a framed…