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Dune and 34 Year Old Bubble Gum

A new Dune movie? Yes, please. There are so many news reports at the moment all linking some very high profile names to the roles. Stellan Skarsgård, Jason Momoa, Oscar Issacs and plenty more. The director Denis Villeneuve recently released Blade Runner 2049. A sequel to another huge favorite of mine.
It has reignited in me a love for Dune which first started 34 years ago. My sister took me to the cinema to see it. She had read the book and was also a massive Sting fan.  I must have been about 10 years old and I was blown away. I loved the movie. The unfilmable book by Frank Herbert had been tackled by David Lynch and the result was truly otherworldly.
I bought the book soon afterward and have read it several times since. I am going to start again soon. It is not one book but several and then there are all the prequels. The original trilogy of books are so detailed and complex is has it’s own dictionary and maps in the rear. This is a fully fleshed out universe ruled by great families. It was Game of Thrones long before we were ever told that Jon Snow knows nothing. This is not in the past but thousands of years in the future.   
After seeing the movie my family bought the toys. How I wish I still had them, I recently saw a boxed Sandworm selling for £90. I had that along with the figures of Paul Atriedies and Feyd Rautha.
Now with all this buzz about the new movie I have found that the sleeper has awoken. I have no idea how this movie is going to look. David Lynch gave the movie a very specific style which although was perfect 80’s. The Ultra HD CGI generated goodness of today may demand something different. Let us not forget that in the meantime, there have been two mini-series from SYFY. They took a good stab at it, but generally it lacked heart and grandeur. The whole universe is under change because of the power struggle on one planet.  
So in good old 2019, I have found myself looking to get a link back to 1984 when I was first in love with Dune. I had a searched Ebay for a little cool something I could get. Then I found it, bid on it and won it. For only a few pounds I bought a sealed wax packet of Dune Trading cards, stickers, and bubble gum. This little time capsule was original and released as a tie in with the David Lynch movie. Yes, it contains 34-year-old bubble gum and I am silly excited about it.
So it is going to be a while before the movies actually hit the cinema. Plenty of time for me to soak up all the progress reports. I do have high hopes, but Dune is a BIG book and David Lynch missed out quite a bit. This is why I hear this will be released over two movies. That can only be good.  
Art by John Schoenherr 


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