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Framed Star Trek Discovery Black Insignia Badge

I am so excited to reveal this. This is not for the faint of heart but is a must have for all Star Trek fans.

In the Legend of Geek Shop today is the Star Trek Discovery Black Insignia Badge beautifully presented in a high quality black frame.

I love the Star Trek Discovery series on Netflix. In one of the early episodes there were people wearing the familiar Starfleet badges but they were black. The suggestion is that they were members of the mysterious Section 31. A shadowy group that operates outside of the Federation. If that was not interesting enough, the badge with it’s black delta is super¬†cool.

Here it is, a full size screen accurate prop replica made by QMx. The badge is from metal zinc alloy and has a good weight to it.


I have taken this incredible item and mounted it on mustard velour. It is then housed perfectly with in a black box frame with white inlay and glass front.

This is a super premium item and a must have for the dedicated Star Trek fan. It would look incredible on a office wall or desk. It could take pride of place in your geek den.

This framed Star Trek Discovery Black Insignia was made with pride by a geek and for geeks. It represents a new level of collectible memorabilia in the Legend of Geek shop. Keep an eye out for other badges joining the range.

It is available today in the Legend of Geek Shop for £45 and is delivered ready to hang.

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