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The Wedding of Batman and Catwoman

The Wedding of Batman and Catwoman was truly THE comic book event of the year. I have had this little beauty in the shop since the begining and it is a huge seller.

It is easy to see why.

A huge number of covers were made for this particular episode but this is the main one.

It is a magnificent wedding scene between Batman and Catwoman making the most romantic cover ever. This is the ultimate wedding gift and many customers must believe this as it is the popular item I have.

This is the whole and original comic book, a piece of history which you can own.

So the moment lasts forever, I have preserved the comic book in an archival sleeve which is free from both harmful acid and PVC. The sleeve is ultra clear for the perfect view of your comic book.

Then it is beautifully presented in a black wooden box frame with a classic white inlay.

This is an incredible collectors piece. It is perfect for your own Batcave or for two superheroes who are getting married.

In the shop today for £35 with free or reduced shipping to a number of locations.

This popular item is selling fast. Order yours today.

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