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The Wedding Present – Framed Comic Books

I have a number of Wedding or Love themed items in the shop right now. They are just so incredibly popular and huge sellers. It goes to prove that people need perfect gifts which are beautiful.

So why not a framed comic book with a stunning cover?

It is has been a massive year in comic books for weddings. THE comic book event of the year was the Wedding of Batman and Catwoman. Everyone wants to see Bruce Wayne and Selina Kyle get married. What made this event so special was that there were many incredible covers and so much beautiful artwork for this story line.

The actual wedding occurred in Batman #50, however this beautiful cover graced the Variant Edition of Batman #49.

Made by my favourite artist Stanley ‘Artgerm’ Lau is it a piece originally drawn in charcoal before being coloured and is simply stunning.

You can find it in the shop here for £35 here.

Next up is the original cover for Batman #50. This is a traditional wedding kiss scene featuring Batman and Catwoman in character.

This beautiful item is in the shop for £35 here.

Next we have a variant cover by artist Jim Lee, showing an tender and potentially heartbreaking moment between Batman and Catwoman in the rain.

This item is in the shop for £35 here


We should not forget that there are other comic book couples who have their own beautiful covers.

I have chosen this emotional scene between Mary Jane and Peter Parker. Perfect for lovers who prefer Marvel to DC.

From the story line One Moment in Time it shows the two lovers in an heartbreaking embrace.

This beautiful scene is in the shop today for £30 here.

Who can ever forget the powerful love between Daredevil and Elektra? Such a power couple these two commanded their own joint comic book series. This fantastic cover is worthy gift for any couple in love.

You can find this item in the shop for £30 here.

For those looking for something in pink there is this brilliant Spider-Gwen and Micheal Morales Spider-man Kiss.

This upside down cover is in the shop here for £30.

Each is a whole unread comic book. They are sealed within a archival quality sleeve to protect the book. The sleeve has been chosen for superior clarity so those.

For there and many more items check out the Legend of Geek Shop. There is free shipping to the UK and discounted shipping to many other countries.


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