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Vemonized Captain Marvel Framed Comic Book

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Limited Edition CAPTAIN MARVEL Presentation

So Captain Marvel is going to save the Avengers and the rest of the Universe in the next Infinity Wars film. Nick fury has sent out his call for her. I personally can not wait for the Captain Marvel movie to see how it all happens.

I already have one pretty incredible Captain Marvel Framed Comic Book in the shop. This one, however, is quite special. It has an added dimension. Marvel released a number of comics with special Variant covers. On all of them the characters have been merged with the Venom Symbiote.

This incredible cover shows a very different hero than we expect. This one is complete with the scary Venom look and teeth to match.

The Captain Marvel comic book has been beautifully framed and is ready for any Marvel fan looking for something unusual.

This framed presentation includes one complete and unread Captain Marvel #3 comic book. It has been preserved in a archival quality sleeve with UV protection most importantly to prevent fading.

This is a very rare item and taking in the account the global Marvel fanbase, your opportunity to own something new different is here now and it won’t be around long. There is just one of these in the shop.

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