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Venomized Inhumans Prime Framed Comic Book

Did you enjoy the Venom movie starring Tom Hardy or the Inhumans TV Series?

In 2017 Marvel released a number of comic books with Venomized variant covers. The characters would be represented as merged with the Venom symbiote.

I have a couple of these awesome covers joining the shop. Here is the first. The awesome Inhumans Prime #1 with Black Bolt and Medusa showing their teeth. Recently there was the live action Inhumans TV series which introduce the storyline to a whole new audience.

Venom has always been a huge character with a massive fanbase. For those looking for a piece of Venom memorabilia then this is it. As an unusual framed art it would certainly get the interest of your guests.

As always, the comic is unread and complete. It is sealed within a protective sleeve and presented in a beautiful black frame.

This is a one of a kind item and is unlikely to be repeated in the shop.

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