Marvel Lady Thor Mini Figure Badge

10 Awesome Minifigure Badges

Well, the world is a very odd place right now and when you do emerge from isolation you are going to need to look cool.

We have your back! At Legend of Geek, we have a new range of incredible geeky Minifigure badges. Each of these items has a sturdy post and butterfly clip in the read meaning they attach to most fabrics.

These Minifigure badges are already selling very well in our Etsy shop so now is your chance to grab one. Don’t forget to sign up to the newsletter for discount codes and competitions.

10. Iron Man Minifigure Badge

Iron Man Minifigure Badge 2

Up first is old Shell Head. Hero of the Avengers, this little mini figure comes complete with repulsor boots and opening face plate.

Available here for £7.99

9. Superman

Superman Minifigure Badge

Super duper Minifigure Kal-El is ready to be worn. Superman’s suit is one of the more recent versions but looks super modern and ultra-cool.

Available here for £7.99

8. Boba Fett

Boba Fett Mini Figure Badge 1

Boba Fett is the original and probably greatest Mandalorian. The decals on his outfit are very detailed and the all important trademark helmet is there.

Find the galaxies greatest bounty hunter here for £7.99

7. Wolverine

Marvel Wolverine Minifigure Badge

Does anyone else think Logan had an odd haircut? I bet you would not tell him that to his face!! Here he is in his traditional yellow X-men suit and complete with claws.

Order your own adamantium hero here for £7.99

6. Captain Marvel

Captain Marvel Mini Figure Badge

The Marvel Cinematic Universe’s most powerful hero. Carol Danvers is ready with photon blaster hands. Oh what a Marvel

Unleash your power here and order this brilliant badge for £7.99

5. Dr Who

Doctor Who 13th Dr

Who? I bet you were not expecting this as a Minifigure badge? This incredible item features the 13th Doctor with blonde hair and long coat

Order your badge here for £7.99

4. Lady Thor

Marvel Lady Thor Mini Figure Badge

Now this is no Plain Jane. When Thor himself became unworthy of Mjolnir, then Jane Foster stepped up and in doing so became Lady Thor.

Are you worthy? Order here for £7.99

3. Batman Who Laughs

Batman Who Laughs Mini Figure Badge

Scary is on his way. This is the Batman you never thought your would see. Batman from a dark multiverse, this one is evil but looks cool. Batman Who Laughs will be a comic book icon for years to come.

Laugh all the way here and order your badge for £7.99

2. Volton

Voltron Mini Figure Badge

Paladins to your lions!! Now this is one of the most detailed Minifigures I have seen for a long time. This mech has detailed decals showing all the lions as well as a magnicicent helmet and weapons set.

Assemble your mech here and order the badge for £7.99

1. Stranger Things Demogorgon

Stranger Things Demogorgon 3

Flower power. The newest monster on the block has become an icon of modern TV. This scary beast from the Upside Down is displayed ready to attack. This minifigure badge will have everyone talking.

Don’t be upside Down buy today here for £7.99

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