11 Incredible Comic Book Covers

11 Incredible Comic Book Covers 15/06/20

11 Incredible Comic Book Covers

In the UK at least shops are starting to open up and a new normal is becoming apparent. The good news is that the comic book blockage has also been removed unleashing a flood of new books.

We have selected some of the best covers from this weeks’ releases. Already there are some incredible all-time favorites appearing. Batman: Three Jokers cover looks very menacing but is guaranteed to be a classic. The variant cover for Batman #92 with the Punchline cover by Stanley ‘Artgerm’ Lau is already sold out in a number of shops. A lot of Artgerm covers are so popular they instantly grow in value.

Although the cover for Wonder Woman #759 is actually has a promotional image from the Wonder Woman 84 movie. It is still a pretty cool cover.

As always, during these difficult times, get out there and support your local comic book shop or see what they have to offer on line.

11 Incredible Comic Book Covers 15/06/20

You Look Like Death Tales From The Umbrella Academy #1 (Cover A)

The first Umbrella Academy spin off series! When 18-year-old Séance gets himself kicked out of the Umbrella Academy, and his allowance discontinued by Hargreeves, he takes to a place where his ghoulish talents will be appreciated.

After a magical high on a vampire-drug-lord’s stash, Klaus needs help, and doesn’t have his siblings there to save him.

Authors: Shaun Simon, and Gerard Way
Artist: I.N.J. Culbard
Published by: Dark Horse Comics


Batman: Three Jokers #1

Thirty years after Batman: The Killing Joke changed comics forever,Three Jokers reexamines the myth of who, or what, The Joker is andwhat is at the heart of his eternal battle with Batman.

New York Times bestselling writer Geoff Johns and Jason Fabok, the writer/artist team that waged the “Darkseid War” in the pages of Justice League, reunite to tell the ultimate story of Batman and The Joker!

After years of anticipation starting in DC Universe: Rebirth #1, the epic miniseries you’ve been waiting for is here: find out why there are three Jokers, and what that means for the Dark Knight and the Clown Prince of Crime.

Author: Geoff Johns
Artist: Jason Fabok
Published by: DC Comics

Wonder Woman #759 (Wonder Woman 84 Movie Poster Variant Edition)

Wonder Woman #759 (Wonder Woman 84 Movie Poster Variant Edition)

It’s a brand-new day for Wonder Woman!

As Diana starts to pick up the pieces of her life following her battle with the Four Horsewomen and her run-in with the Phantom Stranger, Man’s World has become more complicated to navigate than ever before.

It seems everyone has a take on who Wonder Woman should be – some who look on her heroics with admiration, and some who lie in wait to seek revenge. A familiar threat is watching Diana’s every move, and now is the perfect time to strike

Author: Steve Orlando
Artists: Jesus Merino, and Vicente Cifuentes
Published by: DC Comics

Star Wars Doctor Aphra #4

Star Wars: Doctor Aphra #4


Trapped and betrayed, DOCTOR APHRA fights to escape the cursed city of VAALE before madness overcomes her!

Meanwhile, RONEN TAGGE’s sinister plan for the RINGS OF VAALE approaches fruition. Will Aphra be able to thwart him in time?

Author: Alyssa Wong
Published by: Marvel Comics

Thor #7

Thor #7

SOMETHING IS WRONG WITH MJOLNIR… And this is a poor time for the All-Father of Asgard to lose his primary weapon.

The Golden City is in chaos after Galactus’ ill-timed visit, and there are new threats on the horizon. Thor needs his hammer now more than everand yet the Uru grows heavier with every passing day.

What will it take for the God of Thunder to hang on to one of the most powerful weapons in the Multiverse?

Author: Donny Cates
Artist: Nic Klein
Published by: Marvel Comics

Red Mother #7

Red Mother #7

Daisy is on another continent working for Leland Black when she begins to realise that the problems she thought she left behind in New York City have followed her all the way to London.

As strange things continue to happen, Daisy finds that she has a bigger puzzle that must be solved.

Author: Jeremy Haun
Artist: Danny Luckert
Published by: Boom! Studios

Gideon Falls #22 (Cover A Sorrentino & Stewart)

Gideon Falls #22 (Cover A Sorrentino & Stewart)


After the mind-bending destruction of the Black Barn, our heroes find themselves spread across the Gideon Falls multiverse the barn contained within!

While Angie struggles to survive in a 1984 version, Clara is alone in the old West, Father Fred is a man out of place in cyberpunk Gideon Falls-and where Norton landed is anyone’s guess And while these worlds all seem far apart, the Laughing Man is always closer than you think!

Author: Jeff Lemire
Artists: Dave Stewart, and Andrea Sorrentino
Published by: Image Comics

Blade Runner 2019 #9 (Cover B Mead)

Blade Runner 2019 #9 (Cover B Mead)

Return to the original world of Blade Runner 2019 in this perfect jumping on point for new fans!

Ex-Blade Runner Ash and her charge Cleo return to the rain-soaked dystopic future of Los Angeles for a confrontation that will expose a terrifying conspiracy that could bring down a dynasty!

New story by Academy award-nominated screenwriter MICHAEL GREEN (Blade Runner 2049, Logan) and co-writer MIKE JOHNSON (Supergirl)!

Authors: Mike Johnson, and Michael Green
Artist: Andres Guinaldo
Published by: Titan Comics

Judge Dredd False Witness #4 (Cover A Zama)

Judge Dredd: False Witness #4 (Cover A Zama)

Don’t miss the shocking conclusion of ‘False Witness,’ by award-winning writer Brandon Easton (Star Trek: Year Five, Marvel Action: Spider-Man) and superstar artist Kei Zama (Death’s Head, Transformers).

Mathias Lincoln goes toe-to-toe with Mega-City One’s most infamous lawman in a fight not just for his life, but the lives of all the children caught in the most rotten conspiracy Mega-City One has ever seen.

Author: Brandon M. Easton
Artist: Kei Zama
Published by: Idw Publishing

Batman #92 (Card Stock Artgerm Variant)

Batman #92 (Card Stock Artgerm Variant)

Punchline Cover!!

The greatest heist in history is underway in Gotham City, courtesy of the mysterious crimemaster known as the Designer! Batman knows what he needs to do, but in order to stop the plot, he must first escape the most ingenious death trap the Riddler has ever devised!

Author: James TynionIv
Cover Artist: Stanley ‘Artgerm’ Lau
Published by: DC Comics

Hawkman #24 (Gerardo Zaffino Variant Edition)

Hawkman #24 (Gerardo Zaffino Variant Edition)

At last-Hawkman and Hawkwoman are reunited!

But there’s no time for sweet nothings just yet, because they’ve been sucked into the realm of the Lord Beyond the Void where Carter Hall is treated to another reunion with the legacy of all the lives he took in his first life as Ktar Deathbringer!

Can Hawkman survive the consequences of his most shameful past life?

Author: Robert Venditti
Artists: Oclair Albert, and Fernando Pasarin
Published by: DC Comics

11 Incredible Comic Book Covers 15/06/20

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