12 New Comic Book Covers

12 New Comic Book Covers 25th November 2020

12 New Comic Book Covers

Well, we are racing through November here on Lockdown Island and we need some superhero goodness. So while tragically the local comic book shops are closed, we can still buy online.

Due to the lack of Comic-Cons to provide those rare exclusives, there are a number of specials being released for Local Comic Book Day 2020. I guess in Blighty we are going to have to wait for the lockdown to be lifted before we can support our local comic book shops again.

So as usual we have been trawling through this weeks released to find some unbeatable cover by amazing artists. Peach Momoko, Lee Bermejo and Richard Ortiz among them. Check out our list below and make sure you visit your local comic book shop and keep them going during the weird time.

Here are our 12 New Comic Book Covers for 25th November 2020. Don’t forget to sign up to our mailing list for cool comic book items, discounts and features.

Amazing Spider-Man #53.LR (Pham Variant)

Amazing Spider-Man #53.LR (Pham Variant)

Cover Artist: Khoi Pham


Another classic Spider-Man villain gets pulled into the most soul-shaking Spider-Man story ever.

You won’t believe what you read, and it will break your heart.

Angel & Spike #16 (Cover B Melkinov Variant)

Angel & Spike #16 (Cover B Melkinov Variant)

Cover artist: Gleb Melnikov

Series Finale!

Team Angel – or Team Spike, no one can agree – must work with the werewolf Oz and his pack if they’re going to save the day..

Meanwhile, Fred discovers her true power and her connection to another universe where Fred worked for Wolfram & Hart…

Batman White Knight Presents Harley Quinn #2

Batman: White Knight Presents Harley Quinn #2

Cover Artist: Sean Murphy

Gotham City’s elusive serial killer, the Starlet, and her mysterious benefactor reach the pinnacle of their power, terrorizing the city and teasing the GCPD with strange clues and a famous new victim.

Harley goes rogue and hunts down a shocking major lead in the case, but her ruthless style backfires and she puts herself at the mercy of Commissioner Montoya for a shot at redemption.

When FBI Agent Hector Quimby becomes an ally in a crucial moment, he and Harley forge a partnership that will soon take them down a familiar and ominous road.

Batman White Knight Presents Harley Quinn #2

Detective Comics #1031 (Card Stock Lee Bermejo Variant)

Cover Artist: Lee Bermejo

Damian Wayne has made his move against a familiar threat from Bruce Wayne’s past-so why has the former Boy Wonder targeted none other than Tommy Elliot-a.k.a. Hush? It may have something to do with the Black Casebook that Bruce liberated from The Joker’s territory in the monumental

Dune House Atreides #2 (Cover A Lee)

Dune: House Atreides #2 (Cover A Lee)

Cover Artist: Jae Lee

The acclaimed prequel to the groundbreaking Dune continues in comic book form for the first time.

Pardot Kynes arrives on Arrakis to begin research into terraforming the desert planet, but the merciless Baron Harkonnen has plans of his own.

Meanwhile, the sadistic Harkonnens brutally test a young slave named Duncan Idaho.

And Leto Atreidies meets with the pioneers of space travel technology – taking the first steps towards his incredible destiny.

John Constantine Hellblazer #12

John Constantine: Hellblazer #12

Cover Artist: John Paul Leon

FINAL ISSUE John Constantine faces his final reckoning with the older version of himself who’s been seeding magical chaos all around England, while the lives of all his friends hang in the balance… and that is not a good situation for John Constantine’s friends.

Can the evil in John’s heart ever be contained? Or will it reach out and destroy the one life he would give anything not to corrupt?

John Constantine Hellblazer #12

Power Rangers #1 (Foil LCSD 2020 Variant)

Cover Artist: Peach Momoko

Two New Series, Two New Teams – The UNLIMITED POWER Era Begins HERE – And Only Lord Drakkon, Their Greatest Enemy, Can Save Them!

Superstar writer Ryan Parrott (Mighty Morphin Power Rangers/Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles) and fan favorite artist Francesco Mortarino (Go Go Power Rangers) reveal a new cosmic threat that only the original Power Rangers, now known as the Omega Rangers – Jason, Trini and Zack – can hope to defeat!

But their secret weapon is… the villainous Lord Drakkon?!

Sabrina Something Wicked #4 (Cover C Ortiz)

Sabrina: Something Wicked #4 (Cover C Ortiz)

Cover Artist: Richard Ortiz

Now that Sabrina knows the mysteries of Savoir Faire, will she be able to use this tool at her disposal for good-or will she unearth horrors beyond even her wildest imagination?

Something Is Killing Children #1 (Foil LCSD 2020 Variant)

Something Is Killing Children #1 (Foil LCSD 2020 Variant)

GLAAD Award-winning writer James Tynion IV (Memetic, Batman: Detective Comics) teams with artist Werther Dell’Edera (Briggs Land) for a limited series about staring into the abyss to find your worst fears staring back.

When the children of Archer’s Peak begin to go missing, everything seems hopeless. Most children never return, but the ones that do have terrible stories-impossible stories of terrifying creatures that live in the shadows.

Their only hope of finding and eliminating the threat is the arrival of a mysterious stranger, one who believes the children and claims to see what they can see.

Suicide Squad #11 (Jeremy Roberts Variant)

Suicide Squad #11 (Jeremy Roberts Variant)

Cover Artist: Jeremy Roberts

Who is the traitor on the team? ? The Squad is out to finally confront Basilisk head-on in one of their most violent missions yet!

Vampirella #15 (Cover B Momoko)

Vampirella #15 (Cover B Momoko)

Cover Artist: Peach Momoko

Special Horror Issue! In this standalone tale and perfect jumping-on point, ‘Ella Normandy’ has been outed on social media as the space-vampire Vampirella, drawing the attention of a wide selection of deeply dysfunctional fans, two of whom claim to be ghosts seeking her help to avenge their murders.

X Of Swords Destruction #1 (Henrichon LCSD Variant)

X Of Swords: Destruction #1 (Henrichon LCSD Variant)

Cover Artist: Pepe Larraz

The wheel of fortune turns. The unfortunate fall. A sword against the darkness.

That is our 12 New Comic Book Covers. Don’t forget you can check out our comic book items here or at our Etsy store here.

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