12 Stunning Comic Book Covers

12 Stunning Comic Book Covers 26th August 2020

12 Stunning Comic Book Covers

A couple of weeks ago we had one of the hottest heatwaves. Now we have Storm Francis with a lot of wind and rain. It feels like autumn is here. However, that does not stop the river of cool comic books coming our way this week.

I really love the captured Batgirl cover for this Joker War cover. I hope she can get out of this one. The legendary Alex Ross makes an appearance with the 2nd printing of Immortal Hulk #35

Don’t forget to check out the cover of Justice League Dark #25. This Clayton Craint variant is amazing. This weeks’s fun cover is Mars Attacks/Red Sonja #1 this brilliant cover displays some very retro robot action.

Take a look at our selection and let us know what you think below. If you have any cool new covers blowing your mind then we need that too.

Now the important part if you want some of these in your life, then make sure you buy from your local comic book shop. Keep them alive!!

This is our 12 Stunning Comic Book Covers. As always we have a huge range of comic book memorabilia so please take a look. We also have an Etsy store which is getting 5-star reviews.

Batgirl #48 (Joker War)

Batgirl #48 (Joker War)

‘The Last Joke’ part one! Spinning out of the catastrophic history of the Gordon family, Babs is forced to relive the most traumatic events of her life.

James Gordon Jr. is back, and he’s on a mission to run the Gordons out of Gotham City-and as we all know, anything involving James Jr. is bad news for Babs and the commissioner.

But is her brother capable of tormenting his family on his own? Or has he teamed up with a certain Clown Prince of Crime?

Author: Cecil Castellucci
Artist: Robbi Rodriguez
Published by: DC Comics

Batman/Superman #11 (Card Stock Jae Lee Variant Edition)

Batman/Superman #11 (Card Stock Jae Lee Variant Edition)

It’s Superman versus Batman as the deadly machinations of the Ultra-Humanite crash to their end!

The Dark Knight has been transformed into a human atomic bomb, all in the name of wiping Superman from the face of the Earth!

As Batman struggles against the urge to kill his friend, Superman must undo the damage done and help the other victims of the Ultra-Humanite’s experiments. It’s the thrilling conclusion to ‘Atomic’ that will reverberate across the DC Universe for months to come!

Author: Joshua Williamson
Artist: Clayton Henry
Published by: DC Comics

Hellions #3

Hellions #3


Krakoa’s resident rabble are up against the grand dame of the damned – the Goblin Queen, Madelyne Pryor! Talk about a return that could raise some havoc!

Author: Zeb Wells
Artist: Stephen Segovia
Published by: Marvel Comics

Immortal Hulk #35 (2nd Printing Alex Ross Variant)

Immortal Hulk #35 (2nd Printing Alex Ross Variant)

The war with the Minotaur is over – and a grateful humanity knows who saved them all. Can Shadow Base come out of the shadows? Can the world believe in Bruce Banner? Can there be a happy ending… for the IMMORTAL HULK?

Author: Al Ewing
Artist: Butch Guice
Published by: Marvel Comics

Iron Man 2020 #6 (Superlog Heads Variant)

Iron Man 2020 #6 (Superlog Heads Variant)

Throw out the rest of your stupid, worthless flesh-bag calendars. 2020 is over, man!

The moment Arno Stark has been preparing for is here: the end of all human and artificial life as we know it!

All this time you thought he was just some egomaniacal jerk; well, who’s laughing now? Well… no one really. We’re all about to die.

Authors: Dan Slott, and Christos N. Gage
Artist: Pete Woods
Published by: Marvel Comics

Justice League Dark #25 (Clayton Crain Variant)

Justice League Dark #25 (Clayton Crain Variant)

It’s their greatest crisis-and the Justice League Dark is a team divided!

Wonder Woman, Zatanna, and Swamp Thing are outmatched and defeated at the hands (and endless teeth!) of the Upside-Down Man.

But Detective Chimp, Doctor Fate, and Man-Bat will do anything to save their teammates, even turn to the man they swore never to trust: John Constantine!

Author: James TynionIv
Artist: Kyle Hotz
Published by: DC Comics

Mars Attacks Red Sonja #1 (Cover C Suydam)

Mars Attacks Red Sonja #1 (Cover C Suydam)

She is the red-haired she-devil with the sword. They are the green-skinned invaders from the red planet. Yes, those dastardly Mars Attacks Martians are attacking again, and these are the Martians of old, the Martians of the Hyborian Age. And so, it’s up to Red Sonja to stop the attack.

But how will steel and strength and savagery stand again laser guns, sci-fi technology and weird, weird Martian science? Only one way to find out! Buy this freakin’ book!

Multi-Eisner award-winning writer John Layman returns to both Red Sonja and Mars Attacks, along with the phenomenal Fran Strukan, for a crossover sure to shake both universes!

Author: John Layman
Artist: Fran Strukan
Published by: Dynamite Entertainment

Mirka Andolfo's Mercy #5 (Cover A Andolfo)

Mirka Andolfo’s Mercy #5 (Cover A Andolfo)

Lady Hellaine’s elaborate plan takes shape, but the dark heroine created by Mirka Andolfo has not yet dealt with the consequences of her actions and with the hazy memories that more and more often emerge from her conscience.

Is it really possible that the only answer for all her troubles is…love?

Author: Mirka Andolfo
Artist: Mirka Andolfo
Published by: Image Comics

The Boys Dear Becky #4

The Boys: Dear Becky #4

Butcher risks a collision course with Mallory, as he exploits a voice on the inside of Vought’s latest superhero operation. But his memories of Becky make the dangerous game he’s playing all the more difficult. Hughie, meanwhile, is pushing his luck in another way entirely

Author: Garth Ennis
Artist: Russell Braun
Published by: Dynamite Entertainment

Wonder Woman #761 (J Middleton Card Stock Variant Edition)

Wonder Woman #761 (J Middleton Card Stock Variant Edition)

It’s the team-up no one saw coming: Wonder Woman and Maxwell Lord!

This evil jerk has returned to Diana’s life, but is Max here to save the day?

With a new psychic phenomenon affecting more and more people, Wonder Woman is going to need all the help she can get to contain this frightening new warping of the mind…

Author: Steve Orlando
Artist: Emanuela Lupacchino
Published by: DC Comics

X-Men God Loves Man Kills Extended Cut #2

X-Men: God Loves Man Kills: Extended Cut #2

The Uncanny X-Men. Magneto, master of magnetism. The bitterest of enemies for years. But now they must join forces against a new adversary who threatens not only mutantkind, but all of humanity beside it, in the name of God.

The members of the Stryker Crusade are poised to cleanse the Earth, no matter how much blood stains their hands. Chris Claremont and Brent Anderson’s influential X-Men story is re-presented with all-new pages from the legendary creators themselves!

Author: Chris Claremont
Artist: Brent Anderson
Published by: Marvel Comics

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