14 Amazing Comic Book Covers

14 Amazing Comic Book Covers 16th December 2020

14 Amazing Comic Book Covers 16th December 2020

Christmas is so close that we can almost taste it and Santa’s sack is bulging with comic book covers. In fact, we have 14 Amazing Comic Book Covers for your enjoyment. The Francesco Mattina cover for Batman #105 is particularly brooding and purple.

Don’t forget to check out the Alex Ross cover for Captain America #26. A very impressive cover of Red Hulk and Cap in battle. While Cyberpunk 2077 continues to disappoint gamers around the world, there actually a decent comic book series called featuring the Trauma Team. Well worth a look.

The last Dave Rapoza cover we had featured Venom and quickly sold out. Here is another Rapoza variant cover for Iron Man #4 featuring a very Knullified Shell Head.

Check out the rest of our 14 Amazing Comic Book Covers.

Aquaman #66 (Dima Ivanov Variant)

Aquaman #66 (Dima Ivanov Variant)

Cover Artist: Dima Ivanov

“Endless Winter” chapter four! The icy tendrils of Frost King’s global grip extend all the way to the bottom of the Seven Seas!

Can Arthur and Mera convince a ferocious collective of Fire Trolls to emerge from the Earth’s very core to save Atlantis from its frozen imprisonment? And in our look to the past, the unlikely team of heroes gets more than they bargained for when they face off against the Frost King for the very first time!

Batman #105 (Francesco Mattina Card Stock Variant)

Batman #105 (Francesco Mattina Card Stock Variant)

Cover Artist: Francesco Mattina

Batman battles Ghost-Maker in the no-holds-barred, bloody conclusion of this epic tale…winner take Gotham City!

And the outcome is not what you’re expecting! The future of Gotham City and the fate of Clownhunter hang in the balance!

Batman #105 (Francesco Mattina Card Stock Variant)

Batmans: Grave #12 (Kevin Nowlan Variant)

Cover Artist: Kevin Nowlan

In this final issue, Scorn makes his final move to destroy justice in Gotham City!

Injured and alone against an army of chaos, Batman has one chance to save the city: his ability to think like the victim.

But the victim is always dead. The Batman can only win by using the approach of his own death.

Captain America #26

Captain America #26

Cover Artis: Alex Ross

Catwoman #28 (Jenny Frison Variant)

Catwoman #28 (Jenny Frison Variant)

Cover Artist: Jenny Frison

Apparently taking down the mob, straightening out some crooked cops, and gaining control of Alleytown is not enough for Selina.

She’s also taken it upon herself to make sure the streets of her newly adopted home are safe for the group of stray kids she’s taken under her wing-and she’s going to do it by teaching them to steal the streets back for themselves! Introducing: Catwoman and the Strays!

Cyberpunk 2077 Trauma Team #4

Cyberpunk 2077: Trauma Team #4

Cover Artist: Miguel Valderrama

The horde of gang members sees no end as the attempt to extract Apex grows more deadly in a blaze of gunfire and slashing blades.

But the mission takes a shocking turn when the prestigious criminal client takes matters into his own hands and Nadia must relive the trauma of the past.

Dark Nights Death Metal #6

Dark Nights: Death Metal #6

The battle rages as the entire DC Universe stands against the Darkest Knight! Villains fight alongside heroes working as one to banish this demon from the deepest corners of the Dark Multiverse. Meanwhile, the Robin King lurks nearby, his army of Groblins in wait. The dogs of war are loose and no one is safe.

Expanse #1 (Cover A Forbes)

Expanse #1 (Cover A Forbes)

Cover Artist: Scott Forbes

A limited series event set between Season 4 and Season 5 of Amazon’s hit series The Expanse from Corinna Bechko (Green Lantern: Earth One) and Alejandro Aragon (Resonant)

Chrisjen Avasarala, the former longtime Secretary-General of the United Nations, has found herself relegated to Luna after losing the latest elections…and she doesn’t plan on going down without a fight.

Iron Man #4 (Rapoza Knullified Variant)

Iron Man #4 (Rapoza Knullified Variant)

Cover Artist: Dave Rapoza

KORVAC is on the loose and Tony Stark is on the hook for it. Iron Man and Hellcat were lucky to survive their first encounter with Korvac and his new disciples, but finding him and stopping him is proving an even greater challenge.

Rorschach #3 (Jock Variant)

Rorschach #3 (Cover B Jock Variant)

Cover Artist: Jock

In an instant, 15 million people are dead! What happens when the human psyche is forced to accept such a devastating truth? Follow the story of “the Kid,” a radicalized, gun-toting performer and the right-hand woman of the new Rorschach.

Superman #28 (Kael Ngu Card Stock Variant)

Superman #28 (Kael Ngu Card Stock Variant)

Cover Artist: Kael Ngu

It’s the Man of Steel’s last stand in this final Superman tale by the superstar team of Brian Michael Bendis, Ivan Reis, and Joe Prado! Superman comes face to face with an alien race that he desperately wants to help before it is too late.

s the cosmically powered race known as the Synmar aim their deadly power at the Man of Steel’s adopted planet, Superman finds himself pushed past anything he has ever faced! Get ready to experience a powerhouse moment for Superman that’s been years in the making!

Vampirella Red Sonja #12 (Cover A Lee)

Vampirella/Red Sonja #12 (Cover A Lee)

Cover Artist: Jae Lee


Fighting and crying and flying and friendship. Capping an astounding run from JORDIE BELLAIRE (Buffy The Vampire Slayer) and DREW MOSS (Star Wars)!

Walking Dead Deluxe #5 (Cover A Finch & McCaig)

Walking Dead: Deluxe #5 (Cover A Finch & McCaig)

Cover Artist: Dave Mccaig, David Finch

Rick Grimes and company find themselves surrounded by walkers. Who will die? Who will survive? Who will be the next to join the walking dead?

Wolverine Black White Blood #2

Wolverine: Black White Blood #2

Cover Artist: Salvador Larroca


Legendary X-scribe Chris Claremont re-teams with the incomparable Salvador Larroca to bring LOGAN back to Madripoor as PATCH, where he and KATE PRYDE face their toughest battle yet. Then, Saladin Ahmed and Kev Walker build a life-or-death catch-22, courtesy of the maniacal ARCADE, that will force Wolverine to make a life-or-death decision!

Well there was our 14 Amazing Comic Book Covers. Don’t forget to purchase early and support your local comic book store.

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