About Us

We Work Hard To Provide You The Best Comic Book Memorabilia

Legend of Geek is a family run geek memorabilia shop located on the South Coast of England

After over 30 years of collecting comics it turns out I am getting a bit fanatical I want to show people just how COOL comic books really are.

There are a million occasions when I have picked up a comic book and been completely blown away by the artwork. The sheer level of detail and passion put into these covers by some incredibly talented and gifted artists.

So what do we do? Say “yeah that’s cool!”, read the comic, bag and board it and hide it away in a long box.

No more I say!!!

So Legend of Geek shop has a selection of personally curated incredible comic book covers. I will seal the whole comic book in a professional archival quality bag and then beautifully frame the whole book ready for hanging on the wall of Stark Towers, the Baxter Building or Wayne Mansion.

I hope that you will agree with me just how awesome some of these books are and see what amazing gifts they will make for events such a weddings, birthdays or Valentines Day. In fact perfect for any geek any day of the week.

The shop will also include numerous other examples of super cool comic book memorabilia hand crafted by us.

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