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Batman Who Laughs Sense Comic Book Fridge Magnet Mini Frame


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Batman Who Laughs Sense Comic Book Magnet

Are you ready from some super cool geek chic? Then take a look at these unique gifts handcrafted gifts!

Each of these fridge magnets are made from high-quality acrylic to perfectly display your superhero.

The Batman Who Laughs Sense clear acrylic magnet frame is approximately 7.5cm (2.7 inch) x 4cm (1.7 inch) and features beautifully finished rounded corners. Each of the comic frames inserted has been meticulously selected from a large collection of authentic comic books. The image is hand-cut from the pages of the comic book and sealed within the acrylic frame for a perfect geek gift.

Due to the large range of comic books at our disposal, each of these magnet/mini frames will be completely unique and will not be repeated. So grab them while they are here.

The magnets are the real deal from real comic books, so add some upcycled credentials to your comic book decor.

A brilliant gift for fans of Superheroes, Batman Who Laughs and comics.

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Dimensions 7 × 4.5 cm


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