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Dawn New Horizons Female Framed Trading Card


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Dawn New Horizons Female Framed Trading Card

All glory is fleeting.

Awesome Trading Card with excellent artwork. Sealed and mounted in a high-quality black frame.

The card is brand new and original. This is not a print or reproduction.

The frame contains the trading card housed in a protective sleeve. I have chosen the sleeve for exceptional clarity. The sleeve is PVC and acid-free.

The Dawn New Horizons Female Framed Trading Card is mounted in a high quality contemporary black beveled box frame. It features a classic white inlay and glass front. Fittings are included for hanging the frame.

Some cards do increase in value over time. This could be one of them.

This is a perfect gift for any fan of comic books or art. It would look awesome on any wall where it can be appreciated.

Frame size: 17.5 x 22.5 x 2.7cm
Fittings Included: Hooks for hanging portrait and desk stand.


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