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Valentine’s Day – Perfect Gifts

Valentine’s Day is approaching already. Can you believe it? Geeks love Valentine’s too and to prove it we have a vast array of perfect gifts for your significant other.

Here at Legend of Geek, we believe that Comic books are works of art to be displayed. Romantic comic book covers are a perfect example of this. So we have been busy digging through the archives and curated a large number of comic books that feature kissing couples and lovers on the cover.

Love is a massive theme in comic books and plenty of characters have fallen in love, partnered up and some have even got married. We have some of the biggest hitters here like Batman and Catwoman. Literally, there is something for everybody.

I guarantee that you will be blown away by the range and even by who is kissing who! Some of these comic books have covers that pull at your heartstrings and others are more than a little sexy.

As always these are all original comic books. Each has been sealed in an archival sleeve and framed for display. A personal message can be added to the rear of the frame just to make it extra special.

Each of these frames is the perfect gift for the lover in your life. Once on your wall, it will make an incredible statement and conversation piece.

Our range is huge with something for everybody. This Valentine’s Day express your love with a romantic framed comic book.

View the whole range here

These items can also be viewed in our Etsy shop here

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